Criminal & Civil Litigation

Criminal & Civil


  • Criminal Defence and Police Investigations
  • White Collar and Financial Crime
  • Corporate Crime
  • Investigations
  • Financial Conduct Authority Advice
  • Proceeds of Crime and Money Laundering
  • International Crime and Extradition
  • Corporate Manslaughter and Health & Safety

Unfortunately, persons find themselves in situations that require court action to recover losses or defend claims against them.  We offer comprehensive advice for civil and criminal disputes in the following matters:


Our Focus Areas

  1. Landlord and Tenant
  2. Debt
  3. Insurance Claims
  4. Actions against the Police
  5. Contractual Disputes


Our Focus Areas

  1. Driving Offences
  2. Assault
  3. GBH
  4. Antisocial behaviour
  5. Offences at work
  6. White collar crime
  7. Confiscation of Assets
  8. Indictable Offences
  9. Criminal Appeals to Crown Court and above

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