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A bit about us

Who we are
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Why you should

Employ our Legal Expertise

  • Obaseki Solicitors is established by Jennifer Obaseki, a solicitor with over 20 years’ experience. The Obaseki family has a history of practicing Law, Governance and serving their local communities for over 100 years.

    Obaseki Solicitors is an award-winning practice with national and international expertise, working association in with firms in Europe, Africa and America. Obaseki Solicitors is considered to have leading influence with high profile and reported case.

    Many of our lawyers are qualified in dual jurisdictions and have extensive professional experience, ensuring your legal matter is handled professionally and diligently. Our lawyers deal with matters efficiently, reducing administrative costs, and guaranteeing we deliver high quality service with successful results at all levels. Obaseki Solicitors has a number of quality marks, as a result of proven expertise in Conveyancing, Family and Legal Management.

    Obaseki Solicitors can handle your matter on a private basis, offering competitive rates. We are also able to offer Legal Aid, in Family and Housing Law, and a Conditional Fee Arrangement in certain cases. 

    Let us help you resolve your matter by providing you with proven year on year expert legal services.